Sleeve Notes For Ten Songs of My Life

I can only really speak for me.

Memories flash in images which are barely more than sensations, a vague jumbling of light and shade, a context of location, of climactic conditions, sounds, smells and emotions. As Proust and Bergson examined, there are triggers which spur these memories into full being.

For me, the strongest trigger is music. Music, clearer than any other event or somatic stimulus, can place me in a location and time with wonderful clarity. It is not an immediate flash of recall: play a certain track and the memories begin to form. Initially they are fragmented, but somehow corporeal (the scent of a wood, the image of a road with forests on one side etc.). Later, the triggered memories become hazier, more ephemeral, but in a sense more real (particular trains of thought, emotions recalled etc.). Later still, the whole experience becomes contextualised, put in its place, if you will.

Music both transports and transforms, it both tells and is the story of my life. The songs chosen for this compilation have very specific recall “abilities”. There is something which allows them to unlock particular moments in my journey. It may be a specific sensibility which chimed with me at that point. Sometimes it is in the lyrics, but generally it is in the aesthetic. There is a running mood of melancholy and wistfulness in the tracks. This may be more revealing of my temperament than of anything else. They are, however, of the place and time in which they made their connection. I cannot dissociate them from that time or place.

As I say, I can only speak for me. You, I’m sure, will have your own tracks – indeed I could make the same album twenty times over and still have more. But for now, these will do. Follow the link below to the poems: I hope you enjoy.

10 Songs of My Life




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